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f0 you're watching cbs 5 eyewitness news in high definition. another wave-of-bad weather heading our way. when storm no. 3 will come ashore and how it will impact your sunday. and... >> i do think people waited a little bit. now they're just ready to buy, buy, buy. >> saturday's break in the weather allowed shoppers to flood stores. how much will the last weekend of christmas shopping help the economy? and saying good-bye to the last of the connecticut school shootings victim. i'm brian hackney in for ann notarangelo tonight. a live picture right now of the twinkling lights of san francisco. but before dawn, we expect they'll be obscured by another
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wave of drenching rain. bringing the potential for more flooding. that's a fellow who is expecting to sandbag. that's what it looked like on the highways today. bands of showers are still popping up from san jose to san rafael. the next system is tapping a subtropical source, so it won't be as cold, but it will likely be wetter than the system we had today. it will certainly be windier, with gusts approaching 60 miles an hour. details in weather in a few minutes. some north bay communities are watching the streams and lives closely. cbs 5 reporter elisa is at the creek. wait till you see how high floodwaters can reach there. >> reporter: this town has a history of flooding. this plaque shows how high the water got back in 2005 when the creek overflowed, flooding downtown. here's video back when that happened.
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the creek runs through the downtown. it overflowed, causing hundreds of thousands worth of damage. tonight was a much different story. this is what it looked like a bit earlier, a much different scene, although merchants had out their sandbags, some not even put away from that last storm we had earlier this month. at bubba's diner, workers put a barricade up against the front door. >> you can't stop mother nature. she's going to rain, she's gonna do it. we just do as much as we can to prepare. >> reporter: there's also a weather alert on the city website. officials will keep residents and merchants updated if water levels continue to rise. let's take a quick look at the creek. you can see it's pretty low at
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this point, only at about four feet. it floods at 13, but the rain is back. we are getting drenched out here. more rain tonight through tomorrow. >> thanks, elisa. a rough day for holiday travelers on one of the busiest days of the year. the weather did cause long delays. earlier, some flights were running more than three hours behind schedule. but tonight, arriving flights are only 20 to 30 minutes late. conditions tomorrow could make a mess of schedules again, though. keeping of a mess, people on the road are dealing with their own travel woes today. heavy snow and ice combined to create accidents and spinouts. cbs reporter holly has been experiencing the conditions first hand. >> reporter: interstate 80, covered in snow and ice, made more dangerous and slow driving
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conditions heading up the mountain. most of these drivers are on their way to a holiday vacation, but the trip getting there was more like a nightmare. people stopped to put on snow chains on the side of the road. >> everybody is putting chains on their cars, so we're doing it too. it's going to be my first time driving in the snow, so i'm gonna drive slow and take it easy. >> reporter: many decided they had to take a break there all the traffic. cars were packed in at the gas station. and lines for the bathroom stretched out the door in i haven't seen it this busy in a long time. >> reporter: some even decided to return around altogether. >> i decided to forget it. >> reporter: meantime, caltrans workers took extra precautions, shutting down i-80 near colfax, because of spinouts. >> i wasn't expecting a closure. >> reporter: many had to pull over and just wait it out on the side of the freeway until
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lanes old up against. >> i've got my whole family in the car, don't want to take too many chances. >> reporter: but they say it was worth the wait, because it's not their journey but their destination that they'll remember. in blue canyon, cbs 5. and you can track the storm with our live hi-def doppler radar. that's on our website, and christmas procrastinators were blessed with a break in the nasty weather today. anne makovec on how they skipped black friday and went straight to super saturday. >> reporter: the bells are ringing. the clock is ticking. and last-minute shoppers are hitting the stores. >> this is a big shopping weekend right before christmas. >> reporter: retail tracking firm shopper track forecasts that today and tomorrow will be among the biggest shopping days of the year, even more so than a normal saturday before
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christmas, since the holiday falls on a tuesday. people are using the long weekend for holiday shopping. >> i do think people waited a little bit. now they're just ready to buy, buy, buy. >> reporter: the contain released a survey saying nearly three quarters of consumers still had holiday shopping left to do, and many of them were waiting for this weekend to do it. >> why did you wait till the last minute? >> because i'm a man. simple. >> um, really, i have no excuse. >> reporter: and those out this weekend have an extra challenge. the on-again, off-again rain. >> i went yesterday. it was pouring rain. >> we saw that little gap coming, so we thought we'd take a chance and come out in the morning. >> reporter: and it depends on your experience. >> first day of winter, a little bit of rain feels good. >> reporter: most of these people don't have to time to worry about mother nature. >> i'm sticking to my budget.
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it's a game plan, man. can't come out here not knowing what you're doing. gotta strategize. >> mingling into the crowd. that's all. >> you like it? >> yes. i love it. i don't like it. i love it! >> reporter: in san francisco, anne makovec, cbs 5. in spite of today's big crowds, analysts are backing off earlier holiday sales forecasts. shopper track predicted holiday sales would grow at about 3.3%. that forecast has been cut back to 2.5%. november and december have accounted for some 40% of retail sales for the entire year. retailers say the consumer enthusiasm has been dimmed by the failed talks on the fiscal cliff. the tragic events on the newtown event is another reason. teresa garcia says for the first time first responders are
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all about what they saw. >> reporter: a horse-drown coach carried the tiny casket of ana marquez-greene. the grieving continues. the police officers who responded to radio calls about a gunman inside sandy hook elementary school described what happened. >> approaching the scene, there were approximately six children that were running from the scene, which added to our knowledge that, yes, this is real. >> reporter: first responders arrived within minutes of the 911 call that came in the morning of december 14. officers say they broke windows to get inside to search for the shooter. >> i heard the gunfire and i went towards it. >> reporter: investigators say the gunman, adam lanza, shot himself when he heard police coming. police chief michael keho says it was a horrific scene when he reached the part of the school where 20 first graders and six
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adults were shot and killed. >> i was devastated. absolutely devastated. i had no words. >> reporter: he says it was clear no one in the classroom could be saved. >> you feel a sense of guilt in that you weren't there quick enough to do that. but i also know that our response stopped that threat, and he could not proceed any further. >> reporter: newtown police officers are wearing bands around their badges in honor of the victims. and they're still searching for answers to explain why lanza targeted the elementary school. theresa garcia, cbs news. >> some of holiday's celebrities are putting their faces and feelings on the gun violence. >> as a human being. >> for the children of sandy hook. >> demand a plan. >> no more lists of names. >> it's not too soon. >> it's too late. >> now is the time. >> before we all know someone who loves someone on that list. >> no more lists.
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>> the demand a plan campaign appeared just hours after the nra suggested armed guards in every american school. and a similar protest today in san francisco. gun-control advocates read the names of the young victims of the sandy hook school shooting. one by one, they laid down in justin herman plaza. the official mourning period ends tonight at midnight and flags that have been flown at half mast are being raised again. at one game stop store in san francisco, a couple of shoppers told us they're staying away from violent video games because there's just too much violence in their community as it is. instead, they're focusing on educating kids about the games they play. >> as parents and as just the community, we've really gotta tell our kids, that, you know, it's just video games.
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you don't do this in real life. i mean, don't take the video games too seriously. that's not real life. >> in a press conference yesterday, the nra said violent movies and video games, not guns, are largely to blame for mass shootings. there are smiles on hundreds of kids faces, all because of an annual holiday party that was a big success this year. and a guardian angel answers the call for help. the rescue, caught on camera. speaking of freezing, on the first full day of winter, another storm is set to pound the pacific. we'll have the forecast after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,
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hundreds of happy kids tonight, thanks to a massive toy giveaway in the south bay. the 26th all holiday party in san jose attracted 1700 families to the santa clara county fairgrounds. parents of kids in need were able to pick out gifts and food for the holidays. >> during the christmas time, the salvation army is working very hard. all it takes is that one kid walking out with that bicycle with that smile on their face that makes it all worth it. >> organizers say this year has
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been especially good because the community has been extra generous. to be eligible for gifts, parents need to sign up in early fall on the event's website. same scene in san francisco where kids picked up one of more than 10,000 toys at the annual holiday giveaway. some kids and their parents lined up last night. glide partners with the gap to make the event possible. they say this year, the need was greater than ever. meanwhile, berkeley seniors in need didn't have to go far to receive their holiday groceries. berkeley firefighters and dozens of volunteers stuffed more than 800 grocery bags at the fire station on berkeley way this morning. chicken, fresh fruit, vegetables and canned food all went into the bag. then volunteers hand-delivered the bags to homes. and they probably did it in wet weather. while the winds have calmed
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down a bit, they will be even gustier than they were this morning. right now, it's raining in parts of the bay area, but not much. right along 37, they've got showers as well. but this is just the remnants. the atmosphere is full of moisture, so it just takes a little ripple to squeeze out some of the showers tonight. the next system packs a punch. it's going to be windier, wetter than the last system. we picked out already about an inch and a half of rain. san jose, just 47/100 of an inch. but at concord, an inch and a half. the next one looks to be even wetter. concord is 50 degrees right now. oakland, 53. santa rosa, 45. the bone-chilling temperatures we had earlier in the week will not return anytime soon, because the source of the next storm comes from more of a
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southerly location. that's a warmer direction. but it also has a potential to pack more moisture. here's what we expect. showers will end briefly tonight. more rain will spread south very early tomorrow. probably around 3 a.m., that next storm comes ashore. then storms and gusty winds are possible with with this next one. so just like this morning, a thunderstorm would not be a surprise. we'll go to hi-def doppler and take it up to the north bay. you can see those widely scattered showers right around 80. you go down the 680 corridor, not much. down in the south bay, the showers are spreading south to morgan hill. up around the city, pretty much high and dry. south of oakland, alameda, a few showers. widely scattered showers for now. not for long. low pressure is ushering in the next wave of rain. you can see it right off of san
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francisco. this low will push in that subtropical moisture and it will just unwind showers over the bay area beginning late tonight. and then we stand a chance of showers and thundershowers and especially wind. between now and tomorrow afternoon, we've got wind, gusts up to about 55. travel with caution. those wind advisories posted for the entire bay area. if you're headed for the mountains, winter storm warnings are posted. the entire sierra, three feet or more of snow above 7,000 feet. they're really taking the powder out in the sierra. mid 50's for the forecast numbers. extended forecast, i hate to tell you this, but now it looks like christmas is going to be wet. not big-time but it looks as if one final impulse comes in dead on cue on christmas day. in the extended forecast, we'll be looking for showers and thundershowers tomorrow morning. then we get a chance to dry out
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on christmas eve. tuesday turns wet. wednesday a few showers. thursday, friday, saturday we go to partly cloudy. finally, the latter half of the week, weet get a chance -- we'll get a chance to dry out a little bit. as for sports, here's gary. >> stanford ladies try to get a win in a place they don't usually get wins. and a game for the ages. high heights and more, after the break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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all right. always a big game when kobe and the lakers come to town.
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tonight the warriors hosted a very underachieving l.a. team. nash missed 24 games with a broken fibula. curry with a nice pass to landry on the dunk. then curry doing it himself. warriors were up as much as 14 in the fourth quarter. but kobe would will the lakers back. he hits the three, and the lakers come all the way back to tie it up at 95. thirty seconds to go now. metta world peace, he knocks down the three, and the lakers are up by two. warriors have a chance to tie. jared with the pull-up jumper. a season-high 29 points for him. everything was falling. now in ot. then in overtime, yeah. kobe likes to step up, just being kobe. 34 points for him. he took 41 shots on the night. lakers go up by four. stephen curry pulled the trigger on the three.
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warriors now within one. but the lakers got it done. steve nash, how many times have you seen him do this? the warriors lose a heartbreaker in overtime to the lakers, 118-115. >> you look back and you realize one defensive rebound, one well-executed defensive trip. one less time turning the basketball over. then we're out of here before overtime. and kobe bryant has made history of making big shots. and, you know, he did that tonight. >> it was a tough one. women's hopes. knoxville not a fun place to play for the lady cardinals. they're last win there was in 1996. two living legends exchange
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greetings prior to tip-off. vandevere and summit. second half now from beyond the arc, player of the game, who else? chiney ogwumike. the pretty offensive rebound. lady cardinals get a rare win in knoxville and move on to a perfect 11-and-0 season. parker and usf. a long shot to beat the buzzer! always fun to watch that. check out the shove on the poor girl. what's he doing? knocking her down. usf down seven. make it five. then the alley-oop. san diego state, one of six threes. there it is. the aztecs beat them. usf is now 5-and-5 on the year. more local college
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basketball for you. the broncos of santa clara improved to 7-and-2 with their win over wagner. all right. let's flip to baseball. giants fans, remember this guy? well, he's coming back to the national league west. cody was one of the postseason heroes for the giants. more to come on this saturday night. the niners will be without a key guy for tomorrow's big game up in seattle. and monday night football on saturday night was a record- setting night for calvin johnson. megatron's new record, all after the break.
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the 49ers listed justin smith as questionable on their injury report yesterday. tonight, espn is reporting he is out for tomorrow's game. smith has been hampered with an elbowier, so it's not that huge of a surprise. smith started 185 games, straight games. that streak will likely come to an end. rookie gene, who sacked tom brady last week, gets the call in this one. trying to lock up the no. 1 seed. matt ryan on the play fake.
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four touchdowns for the atlanta's quarterback. this is it right here. calvin johnson broke jerry rice's record for most receiving yards in a single season. the man they call megatron is now at 1,892 yards. now back to the lions. what in the world -- take a look at this -- is logan thinking? he takes a knee on the four- yard line. lines coach says -- well, i can't read lips, but i think he said, that's okay, kid, get it next time. no, i don't think so. the bitter end. going down the gunther cunningham, getting leveled. there's is gunther. a tough guy. he would definitely be okay. the falcons win it and clinch home field advantage through the play-offs. do not forget. check out the raiders tomorrow. you can see all the action, as the raiders take on the
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panthers, right here on cbs 5. >> gary, thanks very much. we've got a bit of good news, after our break. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
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finally tonight, we leave you with some much-needed good news. first from boston where a police officer risked his life to save a young woman. he jumped into the frigid boston harbor when he heard the woman screaming for help. the whole thing was caught on a cell phone. he held her until a life ring
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was thrown to them. both were treated for hypothermia but they'll be okay. no word on what she was doing in the water. wildlife officers ventured onto the thin ice to rescue a buck. a row boat was pushed out to help the frightened animal. they got him back to shore and released him, tired, battered but okay. and that's okay for the end of this day's news. that will do it for eyewitness news at 11. for now, from the cbs studios, high above broadway, in san francisco, i'm brian hackney along with gary gelfand. ann notarangelo will be back next saturday. appreciate you watching. have a good night! ,,,,,,,,,,
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previously on two and a half men... darling, what's mine is yours. we do not need a prenup. and i just want you to know i'm not after your father's money. i'm sure you're not. believe me, i got plenty of my own money. everything okay? no, no, everything is not okay. courtney: what am i supposed to do, live on the streets? teddy: you're supposed to live within your means. i need $50,000. you're going to take the money from me. "so long lives this and gives life"... (mouthing) ..."to thee." (mouthing) you may now kiss the bride. it's hard to believe after all these years we've got a new stepdad. i give it six months. oh, come on, we like teddy. that's why i'm only giving it six months. i'm rooting for him.

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